Shelley Elkovich

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Shelley Elkovich

Shelley Elkovich earned the MFA in fiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a BA in English literature from Wellesley College. Her home is the Siskiyou of Southern Oregon: the steeply forested hills, the aquamarine rivers, and the big-hearted activist community that defends it. In this place she grew two children, flocks of laying ducks, and several dogs. While the number of on-site dependents has greatly diminished, she currently weeds a thickly planted town plot, puts up produce, and infuses fruit and herbs into booze and bitters. Her house is home to stacks of books­—when her husband is away, she lets the books come up on his side of the bed and stay all night.

Mindful that writing is not coal mining, Shelley is steadfastly revising a novel. She is delighted that her first publication appears in The Flexible Persona.

Photo credit: Jeff Heglie

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