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Addie Tsai

The Bodies A Place Can Fit

Where I live, it can still get pretty white as the neighborhood has become quite expensive, and so I cherish the businesses in which I feel free to be myself, both in my expression of gender as in the range of bodies and identities that serve me my cup of coffee, or my panini.

The Bodies A Place Can Fit

When I booked my flight for NYC, I imagined I would write a little, but mostly take a break from working on my dissertation, an academic dissertation on how straight White men have been imaged as bad/buffoonish dancers in all walks of popular culture since the late 80s. […]

What is Place? Why it matters.

Setting, and more specifically, place, is the canvas upon which writers paint their stories. Setting can take many shapes ranging from a blank, empty void to a lush, vibrant garden in the peak of its season in the English seaside town of Dorchester. Setting puts the reader in […]