Snag by James Reidel

  JAMES REIDEL has published poems in many journals as well as Jim’s Book (Black Lawrence Press 2014) and My Window Seat for Arlena Twigg (Black Lawrence 2006). His most recent work appears in Poetry, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Hawai’i Review, Outsider, Fiction Southwest and elsewhere—including The Best Small […]

Shelf Check: Poetry

Bursts of Light: The Collected Later Poems by William Bronk “The collected later poems of an astonishing poet. Bronk’s poems are exquisitely crafted vessels of thought: “intense mind-fucks,” a poet friend of mine once called them.”  David | Kansas City, MO   Scribbled in the Dark by Charles Simic   “It’s about the […]

Day Drink by Kaitlyn Crow

The houses on the street you grew up on are swaying.  Mr. Wright’s big blue house on the corner is rocking back and forth like it has set sail across a stormy ocean, twelve-year-old Madeline’s treehouse dipping into the earth of the Peterson’s backyard next door.  Her Barbie […]

Shelf Check: For Your Consideration.

TFP asked and you answered. Here’s another edition of Shelf Check. If you’d like your recent reads to be included, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.   The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr  “Some decent writing advice, but I found her suggestions in terms of structure somewhat unimaginative. An […]

The Bodies A Place Can Fit

When I booked my flight for NYC, I imagined I would write a little, but mostly take a break from working on my dissertation, an academic dissertation on how straight White men have been imaged as bad/buffoonish dancers in all walks of popular culture since the late 80s. […]

What is Place? Why it matters.

Setting, and more specifically, place, is the canvas upon which writers paint their stories. Setting can take many shapes ranging from a blank, empty void to a lush, vibrant garden in the peak of its season in the English seaside town of Dorchester. Setting puts the reader in […]

The Familiar Shift by Kristine Langley Mahler

I was lying on the rug. Little A industriously dismantled block towers and Kiddo announced we were a pride of lions sleeping on the savannah before anxiously ensuring, “But you’re not taking a nap, Mommy? You’re just not tired, Mommy.” I was plenty tired, but no, I was not taking […]