movie camera

Stealing from Cinema

The challenge that I have had in creating long shots and close-ups is in finding the balance between summary description and jumping in-scene. Like any literary technique, any device, it takes practice.

Two Lessons From Chefs For Writers

When I am stuck in a creative rut, drained of inspiration or energy, I look to other artists for a jump start. Over the past few months, I’ve been listening to interviews with chefs and podcasts about cooking (and eating), reading cookbooks, paying attention to scenes with food […]

Addie Tsai

The Bodies A Place Can Fit

Where I live, it can still get pretty white as the neighborhood has become quite expensive, and so I cherish the businesses in which I feel free to be myself, both in my expression of gender as in the range of bodies and identities that serve me my cup of coffee, or my panini.

Pushcart Prize Nominees [2017]

We are pleased to announce our nominees for the Pushcart Prize. Fiction:  “Ducks” by Mark Jacobs (Fall 2017) “However Innocently, However Unwittingly” by Robert McKean (Spring 2017) “PAIR” by Laura Witz (Spring 2017) CNF: “Greyhound People” by Amber Parker (Fall 2017) Poetry: “IUD Insertion” by Daryl Sznyter (Fall 2017) “More than Not (II)” by Rush Rankin (Fall 2017)