The Drumming of Hooves by Craig Barker

We watched the yellow horses stream down the hillside in a landslide—while the kettle boiled downstairs at half-speed—your sister waiting for it to cool—crying blue tears onto the tablecloth adorned with bearded Vikings—they were holding hacksaws and wearing black. The horses stopped in single file at your front […]

Books! Books! Books!

If you’re a writer, you’ve heard this before: READ! READ! READ! And probably also: Read broadly. If you write fiction, you should also be reading poetry and essays and other nonfiction. If you write poetry you should be reading short stories and memoirs, and so on. And I do. […]

Shelf Check: A Short Story

We asked (again). You answered (again). In honor of short story master O. Henry, we have created free ePub versions of both “The Last Leaf” and “The Ransom of Red Chief” for you to read. We have also included links to Maeve Brennan’s “Christmas Eve” and Roddy Doyle’s “Bullfighting,” both originally […]

City Underwater

Editor’s note: Unless otherwise noted, photos were virally shared via social media. In fifth grade, we were assigned a research project that would take the form of a report, presented in front of the class. The research project was meant to focus on a news event from some time […]

Steak Knife by Brittany Howard

My weapon of choice is a steak knife. Quite different from a regular knife, steak knives have a sharp, rigid blade, particularly to cut meats, such as steak. While they don’t always make the neatest and cleanest cut, each little ridge along the blade helps dig deeper and […]

Alexander B. Hogan

Quotations As Quoter’s Creation

“Of all the temptations faced by Saint Anthony, internet gambling was the greatest.”              – Gustave Flaubert, Kiss My Floppy Disk Interviews, 1477–2096 For a period of time in my early twenties, I had a great deal of difficulty shaving in the morning. […]

BAGGED by Clarinda Harriss

I’m dictating this to Police Sgt. Velmarine Davis, who required only about two seconds to conclude that there had been no accident. Backstory: I love having a hot tub in my downtown back yard, and I used to love wallowing in its lit-up blue water late at night […]

Decluttering to Make Way for Writing

Cal Newport, a computer science professor at Georgetown University and the author of Deep Work: Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted World, describes how a structured day protects the mind from distraction, and, he’s found, coaxes creativity because the mind is not in a state of semi-distraction. He […]