Revision and the Progressive Self

I’ve been revising a novel since, oh, November? Time does a funny thing when it comes to projects and I have found that it never treats any two artistic commitments the same way. Other writers have experienced this, too. George Saunders spent twelve years on his story “The […]

Truth in “Creative Nonfiction”

Whenever I talk of my genre—the chosen field that I have dedicated my life to—my husband puts dangling air quotes around it. As in: “Creative Nonfiction”. We will be sitting at the table talking with his parents about a memoir that his mother and I have both read, […]

“It’s All Good” by Brittany Ackerman

I meet my boss for lunch at Kaya Sushi House in Mar Vista.  It’s not quite Venice Beach and not quite Culver City either, somewhere in between the two.  I’m in a plaid skirt and a grey muscle tee with my leather jacket.  I’m trying out the badass LA look, which I feel confident enough today to pull off.

cafe exterior

“Where Now, New Wave?” by Cutter Hurst

Literary movements spark and evolve, ebb and flow together without ever warning the writer. By the time one knows what is new, all too often that new has already become old. Yet there is a sentiment emerging now, wondering aloud—though still quietly—

Personally, I blame the internet.