Family Tree by Emma Harper

It was 2009 so one really couldn’t be picky when it came to most things. Lauren’s first job interview was with a man who went by Hamlet and carried a small, thin barber’s comb and a different news clipping from the same November 18th, 1984 New York Times […]

From the Ocean View Motel by Henry Marchand

You’re entitled to surprise. I’ve won no awards for outstanding achievement in personal correspondence, and I have been especially remiss in regard to you. No cards on holidays or your birthday, no postcards though I’m quite the traveler, certainly no letters. You could count on me for not […]

One Headlight by Molly Bonovsky Anderson

Maggie Hawk, a horse-faced stripper with a blunt cinnamon bob, stuck a steak knife in her knee-high boot. The knife came from Kristy’s kitchen drawer, and before that—Perkins. That was our thing—I stole ceramic mugs and Kristy stole cutlery. Between us we’d stocked our dorm for a thousand […]

Herbie by Jane Hertenstein

“Isn’t that the guy who tried to pee in our closet?” My husband and I were sitting outside Wrigley Field waiting for Bruce Springsteen to take the stage. “Who?” I asked. Herbie had been dead for a decade—or at least I thought.