Pushcart Prize Nominees 2017


“Ducks” by Mark Jacobs (Fall 2017)

“However Innocently, However Unwittingly” by Robert McKean (Spring 2017)

“PAIR” by Laura Witz (Spring 2017)


“Greyhound People” by Amber Parker (Fall 2017)


“IUD Insertion” by Daryl Sznyter (Fall 2017)

“More than Not (II)” by Rush Rankin (Fall 2017)

Pushcart Prize Nominees 2016

Fiction: “Light on Dimmed Bodies” by K. L. Morris | Spring 2016

“Fraud” by Elizabeth Genovise | Fall 2016

“Around the Town” by Nels Hanson | Fall 2016

Nonfiction: “Blind” by Cris Harris | Spring 2016

Fiction: “Damn Eurydice” | Máiréad Casey
“Durty Diana” | D. A. Watson
“The Power Cord” | Elaine Ford
“Requiem For Those About to Live” | Pádraig Ó Meiscill

Pushcart Prize Nominees 2014