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image of looking down paper towel tube at light; gives impression of light at the end of a tunnel

“The Call” by Ann McGlinn

THE CALL Reckless brother, you inhabit blank, damp winter a beardless airy beauty who moves along my spine but through what space does your thought flicker, lost light to my ear?   Ann McGlinn has published short stories and poems in a variety of journals, including Art/Life, Poem, […]


“Holding Your Breath” by Kemal Onor

My brother had claimed once that he had held his breath for a full twenty-four hours. If it was true, it was quite a feat. He had bested the German record holder by over twenty-three hours. When he was asked his secret, he said it was about getting […]

storage containers

“Funny Girl” by Jefferson Navicky

She was a funny girl, Denise. People all over the world, she used to say, like it when you smile and laugh. And she tried to keep them laughing through their empty temples. When I first met her she’d returned from the gulf, and she had a bloody […]

“It’s All Good” by Brittany Ackerman

I meet my boss for lunch at Kaya Sushi House in Mar Vista.  It’s not quite Venice Beach and not quite Culver City either, somewhere in between the two.  I’m in a plaid skirt and a grey muscle tee with my leather jacket.  I’m trying out the badass LA look, which I feel confident enough today to pull off.