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Interview: Deb Jannerson, author of THANKS FOR NOTHING

“Deb Jannerson‘s Thanks for Nothing is a jewel-toned, kaleidoscopic rendering of living among contemporary America’s unkindnesses. Out of pain, Jannerson creates a strange and elemental tableau. Structural inequities, phony concern, and the speaker herself morph into sinister dioramas pasted together from tainted childhood memories and the always-distressing news. The collection’s […]

One Literary Citizen’s Diet

The photo accompanying this post is one I snapped of a stage right before George Saunders and Dana Spiotta took to it on February 5 to celebrate the launch of the paperback of Lincoln In the Bardo at Murmrr Lit in Brooklyn, New York. You can almost see […]


The following is the introduction to the Imagination Issue. “Visualize a parking space,” my grandmother would say from the other side of the bench seat in her dusty brown sedan as we circled the parking lot outside Publix, the noonday heat of the Tampa sun slowly roasting us. […]

What’s in a word?

During my student days at University of Glasgow, I had the benefit of meeting the then Writer-in-Residence Liz Lochhead (who later became the national poet of Scotland, the Scots Makar) for a few one-to-one sessions. Having been a massive fan of hers since studying Mary Queen of Scots […]

Unanticipated Astonishment

Writers take on projects because they lead to unanticipated astonishment. At least that’s what I do. I never know what is going to surprise me but I choose my books, stories, and articles to write on the basis of intuition indicating unanticipated astonishment. Sometimes I’m wrong, the project […]