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Subject Matter Inexpert

Straight out of college I took a very corporate job — the kind with an annual week set aside to celebrate itself, complete with a cake in the shape of its logo and “fun” pop quizzes on company history.

On Imagination

The imagination is powerless. All it does is repeat things it’s seen and heard, repeat them in an altered voice, attempt to commit sins that were already committed long ago.” – Andrzej Stasiuk, Dukla I have thought about this quote, off and on, since I read it almost […]

Jennifer Lang

Dear Mr. Zinsser

October 30, 2016 Dear Mr. Zinsser, We never shook hands or formally introduced ourselves, but we met ten years ago when you spoke at the Hudson Valley Writers Center in Ossining, New York. The late July sun poured in through the windows of the long, rectangular room, making […]