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If I'm not at my desk, you can probably find me on a yoga mat, trying to figure out Triangle pose.

Jennifer Lang

Dear Mr. Zinsser

October 30, 2016 Dear Mr. Zinsser, We never shook hands or formally introduced ourselves, but we met ten years ago when you spoke at the Hudson Valley Writers Center in Ossining, New York. The late July sun poured in through the windows of the long, rectangular room, making […]

Jennifer Lang

Organized Bedlam

When people first walk in my front door, they often gasp. “Wow, it’s so clean,” or “Where’s all your clutter?” I pride myself on the minimalist look and feel of our first floor. When we moved to a ten-year-old house in Raanana, Israel from a one-hundred-year-old Tudor in White Plains, New […]