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I love Virginia Woolf, Kazuo Ishiguro, Dorothy Allison, Jesmyn Ward, George Saunders, Larry Brown, Tim Gautreaux, Clarice Lispector, Kevin Barry, Nick Flynn, Julian Barnes, Jennifer Egan. My Goodreads is in constant chaos. I have stories in places including QWERTY and SmokeLong. I'm in the process of revising a novel. I also read fiction for Hunger Mountain.


The following is the introduction to the Imagination Issue. “Visualize a parking space,” my grandmother would say from the other side of the bench seat in her dusty brown sedan as we circled the parking lot outside Publix, the noonday heat of the Tampa sun slowly roasting us. […]

movie camera

Stealing from Cinema

The challenge that I have had in creating long shots and close-ups is in finding the balance between summary description and jumping in-scene. Like any literary technique, any device, it takes practice.

Books! Books! Books!

If you’re a writer, you’ve heard this before: READ! READ! READ! And probably also: Read broadly. If you write fiction, you should also be reading poetry and essays and other nonfiction. If you write poetry you should be reading short stories and memoirs, and so on. And I do. […]

What is Place? Why it matters.

Setting, and more specifically, place, is the canvas upon which writers paint their stories. Setting can take many shapes ranging from a blank, empty void to a lush, vibrant garden in the peak of its season in the English seaside town of Dorchester. Setting puts the reader in […]