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Right now, somewhere in the multiverse, I'm walking around in a house in the northern woods with a copy of Bullfighting in the pocket of my robe and a mocha in my hand. The house is lit by beeswax candles. Outside, it's always twenty-six degrees and snowing.

Pushcart Prize nominees

The Flexible Persona is proud to nominate the following six pieces for the Pushcart Prize: “Ducks” by Mark Jacobs (Fall 2017) | Fiction “Greyhound People” by Amber Parker (Fall 2017) | CNF “However Innocently, However Unwittingly” by Robert McKean (Spring 2017) | Fiction “IUD Insertion” by Daryl Sznyter (Fall […]

On Imagination

The imagination is powerless. All it does is repeat things it’s seen and heard, repeat them in an altered voice, attempt to commit sins that were already committed long ago.” – Andrzej Stasiuk, Dukla I have thought about this quote, off and on, since I read it almost […]

Alexander B. Hogan

Quotations As Quoter’s Creation

“Of all the temptations faced by Saint Anthony, internet gambling was the greatest.”              – Gustave Flaubert, Kiss My Floppy Disk Interviews, 1477–2096 For a period of time in my early twenties, I had a great deal of difficulty shaving in the morning. […]