Et Cetera

Pushcart Prize nominees

The Flexible Persona is proud to nominate the following six pieces for the Pushcart Prize:

  • “Ducks” by Mark Jacobs (Fall 2017) | Fiction
  • “Greyhound People” by Amber Parker (Fall 2017) | CNF
  • “However Innocently, However Unwittingly” by Robert McKean (Spring 2017) | Fiction
  • “IUD Insertion” by Daryl Sznyter (Fall 2017) | Poetry
  • “More than Not (II)” by Rush Rankin (Fall 2017) | Poetry
  • “PAIR” by Laura Witz (Spring 2017) | Fiction

We published many outstanding pieces this year. We also read a lot of excellent work that did not make it into our pages, so please join us in congratulating these writers.

— Alexander B. Hogan, Managing Editor

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